I have been making pottery for over a decade now.  I began throwing in highschool and have been hooked ever since.  My initial fascination with pottery was the very satisfying physical interaction the artist develops with the clay, but over the years the thing I have come to love about pottery is the process.  

Making high quality pottery consistently requires care and attention at every step of the process.   Every interaction the artist has with the piece must be cherished and done with the utmost care, attention, and patience.


Pottery is an ancient artform that evolved to fill the everyday needs of those who created it.  This interaction involved individuals physically engaging their works of art in a way that is very unique to pottery.  It is this basic fundamental interaction between the piece of art and the individual that I find so captivating.  

I make pottery that is designed to be used by it's owner.  This functional interaction between the piece of artwork and the beholder is as important to me - if not more so - then visual perception.  Weight, balance and purpose are as equally covetted as aesthetic, color, and shape.

Our Studio

Northrup King Building.
My girlfriend and I share a studio in the                                              
She paints and I display my pottery.  We try to be there during "open studio" times which are Saturdays in the afternoon and every first Thursday of the month in the evening. 

We are located in studio 438 on the fourth floor.  Feel free to stop by!


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  4. Ari Pottery (15 of 24)
  5. Yellow-Mug
  6. Yellow-Mugs-2
  7. Green-Bowl
  8. Shino-platter
  9. Swirl-Mugs
  10. Shot-Glasses
  11. Tea-cups
  12. Yellow-Cereal-Bowls
  13. Yellow-Bowls
  14. Red-Bowls
  15. Plates-blue-and-red
  16. Red-Plate
  17. Title 21
  1. Ari Pottery (2 of 1)
  2. Triangle-Vas
  3. Black-lid
  4. Bee-Hive
  5. Bluehshino
  6. Shino-lid
  7. Blue-lid
  8. Green-Lid
  9. White-Lid

Potting Videos

The Vase