Some tracks from a trio gig at Jazz Central in May of 2014.  Andrew Bergmann on bass and Zach Schmidt on drums
Ask Me Now
Oliloqui Valley
Freedom Jazz Dance
How Insensitive

Zach Schmidt, Andrew Foreman and I playing Gloria's Steps.  Little bit of logistics up front

Music Videos


Here are some transcriptions I have put together over the years.  Enjoy!

You Oughta Know - Alanis Morissette

Fred Hersch - Fall.  Songs Without Words
Great solo off an absolutely AMAZING album.  Three disc, mostly solo piano.  He really does some interesting things with the changes, and as always plays with such emotion and feeling
First Trip - Herbie Hanock.  Speak Like a Child
Classic Herbie Solo.  Amazing feel, great lines.  Not the complete solo as it is EPICALLY LONG, but enough to keep you busy for quite a while
I Thought About You - Kenny Kirkland.  Random Abstract
Just a filthy, filthy, filthy solo.  He swings so hard, the first time I listened to this solo I threw my back out
Passion Dance - McCoy Tyner.  The Real McCoy
Great Solo for anyone wanting to study McCoy Tyner.  He really lays his style out there for you to absorb.  And it's a killer solo.  Didn't finish all of the left handed stuff, but the right hand is finished through to the end.  
Brad Mehldau - Wonderwall. Trio Live

A little diddy I call "Blue Beam"

Great solo by Brad.  Really intersesting polytonal harmonies/lines along with really cool rhythmic ideas.  
Three Card Molly - Kenny Kirkland.  Earth Jones
Another great solo by Kenny Kirkland. Off of a lesser known Elvin Jones Album "Earth Jones".  Love the form they solo on, simple yet subtly very interesting.